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HTSS120 - How to master momentum in sales presentations - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS120 - How to master momentum in sales presentations - Scott Sylvan Bell

February 27, 2021

Salespeople get stuck in the moment of problems in presentations. This hangs up the sales process another way to say this is people get stuck in the mud. They don't know what to do or say... so they lose momentum. 

The deal goes sideways and salespeople cant figure out where to go. 

Losing momentum kills deals and you need to know why. The buyer feels the presentation and has a rhythm. The conversation slows down and then feels lost. The momentum is lost in the presentation. The buyer goes into “I need to look for other options”. The deal could have been made.  

There are a few elements to keep a sales presentation moving forward:

  • Look at what the current problem is at a micro and macro level. 
  • What are the solutions that are possible for what you can deliver?
  • List them out in your head but more preferably on paper
  • Word tracks – why don’t we do this, how about we do this
  • The right answer is not always the first answer, sometimes you have to come up with a few ideas for this to work. Your conversation isn't all about speed. 
  • Closing can take 10% of the time of the total presentation time. This means you must have content to work with. 

Look for ways to keep the deal going forward. New salespeople struggle with the momentum in the call. How you can do this with a little work:

  • It takes time, energy and effort. to close deals and make them happen. This isnt a race. 
  • Know what offers you have that you could use at the table for the first pencil or as a backup offer. 
  • Know what the rates are, the dealer fee, and the payments for the future client and yourself.

Be willing to make an offer if you think you are going to lose the deal. You will want to try to build some momentum here and you cant get caught up in the "no". As you work your sales process you will want to pay attention to yourself and stay grounded. Too much energy is not good and not enough energy is horrible as well. 

  • You will be under pressure and you will need to slow down. Speeding up becomes awkward pressure.
  • Ask a few questions to clarify your position
  • Find out why there is a no by trying to get one (Jim Camp)
  • It's not always about price discounts – it could be the terms
  • Sometimes you need to sell higher
  • An objection isn't a “no” it could be a clarification
HTSS119 - Your network is your net worth - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS119 - Your network is your net worth - Scott Sylvan Bell

February 26, 2021

There is a statement you may have heard before. It goes something like this... "Your network is your net worth". I always heard this statement but didn’t quite understand it. I really thought of it as a silly mantra. 

The power of masterminds is more than you imagine. It's important to disect what a group of dissimilar and similar people can do. The insights and shared knowledge is powerful for so many reasons. 

Your interactions are based upon:

  • Questions from others for introspection 
  • Ideas or concepts you would not have thought of 
  • Work flow or deal flow from introductions to others 
  • In a room / zoom / mastermind – you get to hear other perspectives from in and out of your industry, you get to travel and see other places
  • You get put on the hot seat and asked questions – if you use the mastermind the right way your boundaries are pushed

You only know so much and then you get in your own way. This is natural for everyone. The best in service and industries know they are limited in knowledge. 

When you have trouble or when you need to sell something there is a brain trust of others you can rely upon for unique twists and strategies that have worked. 

There is power in social influence, you will rise up / you will stay where you are. This happens because you have:

  • Introductions to others you may not have considered to meet beofre 
  • Introductions to opportunities where you would not have looked 
  • Other people can introduce you to their group, list, or even their business

How you can use this concept wrong

  • Guru worshiping
  • Going for the picture opportunity
  • Asking without giving / only searching for WIIFM
  • Not taking the network seriously

There is power in meeting others to combine knowledge and experience. Your network is your network has so many facets and applications. 

HTSS118 - Close more deals with overcommunication - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS118 - Close more deals with overcommunication - Scott Sylvan Bell

February 25, 2021

If you watch enough sales presentations you will see patterns and trends. Most people are lazy in communication and hope their listener finds the answer. If you want to be the best in sales you must communicate better. 

You can't unring the bell on this conversation. Once you hear there are better ways to communicate you will want to take action.

“It's not your fault but now that you know it's your responsibility” – Jon Benson 

There are multiple reasons why salespeople struggle with communication. This can happen because:

  • You were not taught or shown how to be better when sharing ideas, concepts, strategies or outcomes. 
  • You are tired because of too many sales calls, not enough sleep you are overwhelmed by life.
  • You are hungry and went into a sales call without being prepared. 
  • You are frustrated from not closing deals, not understanding your product or service, and because you are losing money from lost deals. 
  • You are excited about getting to the end of the deal, thinking about the commissions you will get paid, or thinking the buyer is a "lay down". 

You will find that it takes discipline to communicate effectively. One of the greatest role models I have is Jay Abraham. When he gives an idea he expands upon the content 4-5 words deep. I was able to interview him and he said the reason why he does this is to make sure that people hear what he says.

There are multiple ways for you to get better with your communication skills. There isn't just one answer there becomes a combination of a few of these ideas listed next: 

  • You can use a thesaurus
  • You can record your content and re watch it
  • You can record your content and drop it into something like, or 
  • You can sit down and think through how you interact and do better
  • You can watch others and see how you could do it better

Questions and stories are 2 of the most powerful ways to communicate. Questions don't have to be answered but they do need to be thought about. Stories can be used as a narrative to capture people and get them drawn in. 

You can ask questions to confirm where you are:

  • If I hear what you are saying
  • What I hear is _________ can you confirm?

You could ask for a reframe:

  • Ask me that another way
  • When you say that could you share with me what you mean?
  • Can you give me the gist of what I just shared

You can gamify the conversation

  • Under the right circumstances, you could give a quick quiz with prizes, upgrades, or discounts
  • You can let them know there will be a quiz and here are the answers.

When you take the time to learn how to communicate better and more effectively interact the deals you need to close become easier. 

HTSS117 - You can’t be a victim and closer at the same time - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS117 - You can’t be a victim and closer at the same time - Scott Sylvan Bell

February 23, 2021

If you watch enough sales presentations you will see common threads. You will find closers look for ways to get momentum and close deals. Those who struggle will look for others to blame as well as their business circumstances. 

There are quite a few things that go wrong in sales daily. It doesn't matter what industry you pick, everyone has problems. You have to choose what you want to look at and focus on. 

All salespeople will fall for this trap at some point. From the outside, you can plot where salespeople are by who and what they blame for not closing deals. For some salespeople, they can find the link of where they do the best and why they close deals. It may be a focus on personal improvement, goals or, training. 

Salespeople who struggle find constant problems in their way

  • People in the office
  • People outside of the office
  • Family members
  • Clients
  • The weather
  • The product, service or, manufacturing company 
  • Other salespeople and companies
  • The Government 

Closers and performers find ways to focus on other things… sure they matter but not in the context of finding a way through the problems and issues.

Past-based, current-based, future-based content and conversations can reveal where you are locked in. Salespeople who are focused on the past tend to struggle the most. Salespeople who look to the future too far out can get trapped in overwhelm. You will find the top closers focus on today or the present while briefly traveling back in time or forward in time. 

Sure the best salespeople have an emotional moment and then they move on. This really comes down to what you can and cant control.

The best salespeople see sales as a game and they have to figure out the rules so they can push the limits or use them to their advantage.

Victims get caught up in the daily grind and “get stuck in the mud” then they run to an “octopus objection” you know what this is, you hear people throw out reason after reason even in the face of sane answers. This is because they want to be stuck – this is part of their excuse.

Problems are always opportunities, it depends upon how you look at them.

Jay Abraham – My problem is the solution to someone elses bigger problem

HTSS116 - The power of morning routines and goals - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS116 - The power of morning routines and goals - Scott Sylvan Bell

January 30, 2021

You can maintain a better day through a set routine. I thought morning routines were stupid, in fact, I made fun of them. When I look back the best I have ever done financially and physically have been times when I have had set routines.

I used to coach a top salesperson and my sales soared as well. Even though we didnt even work in the same field my numbers increased.

 There are a few great books from Hal Elrod the morning miracle and Robin Sharma 5 am club. Alex Charfen has some great content as well.  

Here is why morning routines matter:

A daily set routine will set the tone and then program you for the day. You can use something like a recording, a book, a vision board, a whiteboard or anything similar to multiply your daily action.  

My personal daily routine

  • 5 am
  • 1 glass of water 16 oz
  • Goal recording – its 13 minutes read by the beach in Haleiwa Oahu / Waimea Bay
  • Meditation / breathing
  • Spiritual content
  • Gratitude – 3 things I am thankful for
  • Think through people I want to connect with
  • Set my intention for the day
  • Content creation – outline podcasts – work on training – create new videos
  • Make my bed

After 8 am:

  • Check my Slack (consulting clients)
  • I look at emails or messages from clients and family

After 10am 

  • I don’t look at Facebook / Instagram / Clubhouse
  • I glance at the news

The evening routine: 

If a morning routine works then the opposite is true as well there is a power in evening routines. I will not look at the news after 8 pm, I don't want negativity floating around in my head while I sleep. How you set your intention before you go to bed is what you dream about in your sleep. 

You can do this by reverse engineer your morning to fit your evening and your own dreams. 

HTSS115 - Why you keep picking bad companies to sell for - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS115 - Why you keep picking bad companies to sell for - Scott Sylvan Bell

January 28, 2021

If you keep working for the same type of people with the same problems you are the root cause. This may be tough to hear but it is easy for you to find yourself in a pattern.

We all have Internal blind spots that hold us back. These blind spots may not be seen until someone shows you what actions you keep taking. Sometimes these conversations hurt feelings because they are so personal. We pick the wrong job and don’t think through what we are looking for. The weaknesses we have may get us to now take a position we should because we don’t think we are worthy.

The type of people we look to associate with can be part of this problem that you and I face. 

We take the words of people who don’t matter and look to them as valid critics. We don’t discuss our shortcomings with people we trust. There is a catch 22 where we take the advice from people we don't really care for but we don't talk to people we trust. 

This causes another problem and it is we don’t ask for help when we need it. Help is not requested out of fear of looking dumb, silly or, even not knowing what to say. 

When you examine what is going on we work for the wrong people. Some weak or manipulative people will block you out of fear. There are people who will hold you back so they stay on top or look good. Most weak people do not allow others to grow into a role in fact they hold them back.

There are also problems with abusive relationships. We put up with abusive relationships and take the problems handed out. If you have been in an abusive relationship you also may be predisposed to be taken advantage of. You will find that because of previous interactions you fall into these conversations until it is pointed out. 

The internal self-talk problems 

When you add in the conversations you have internally, your problems are compounded. 

  • I can't do this
  • I am not good enough 
  • Nobody will believe I can do this 
  • I will fail
  • Nobody in my family has ever done this 

These internal dialogue issues play into you working for the wrong people or the wrong company. You do have the power to resist and overcome the internal problems created. 

Here is how to fix all of this:

The internal beliefs and conversations can be changed. You can believe in yourself and know you are worthy of a top-notch job.

When you take the time to make a list of what you want and even how you can push yourself this starts a cycle for you. 

You will also want to look for the common threads of problems you create (What type of person do you have to keep dealing with). 

What demons are locked in your closet – Who told you that you are not good enough, you are not worthy, bullied you?

Think about this:

When you look at what and who holds you back it is mostly people who are insignificant to you and your life. 

Ask yourself and think about this:

Who is the person you are trying to live up that that really doesn’t matter in your life? – You may have someone you dislike that is holding you back. Whatever they would say about you really has no bearing on your abilities… you just look to them and they really shouldn’t sway you.

You can:

  • Find better friends or people who will encourage you to do the right thing
  • Get therapy or help.
  • Get a therapist and talk through your problems and be vulnerable and have the conversation






HTSS114 - Why your sales team is struggling - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS114 - Why your sales team is struggling - Scott Sylvan Bell

January 19, 2021

If you are a Business Owner, Executive or, even a Sales Manager there are a few reasons why your sales team could be struggling. As you look at the team there are dynamics at play as well as items in your field of specialty. 

Most of the time when a sales team struggles it comes down to the leadership. Sometimes in this conversation is the lack of leadership and examples for the team. Some managers are not good at holding their employees accountable. Most closers do not need this type of hand-holding to get their work done. It's the other 80% of the team that needs the most amount help. 

When a team has training and coaching the elements that cause problems are accountability and then the internal faults the Business Owner, Executive or, Sales Manager has. It is a problem to duplicate yourself. This means you hire what you like about yourself and shy away from what you don't like. In essence, you hire the traits of what makes you feel good not what is necessary for the team. When this happens you may see things that drive you up the wall since you are familiar with them. 

Most Business Owners, Executives, and Sales Managers end up thinking they know what a top salesperson is so they hire a people pleaser. When a "Nice guy" is hired that doesn't have sales skills this person will not close deals. There isn't enough edge to them, they don't know how to take rejection. This person will account for most of your complaints and problems. You will not understand since they seem so nice. People pleasers can only go so far as to close deals. Once they have reached the edge of their skills and knowledge they will lose the ability to get more deals. 

If you are looking for reasons why your sales team is struggling here they are: 

  • Lack of leadership from the top
  • Lack of accountability 
  • Hiring the wrong people for the wrong skills
  • Not knowing what skills and talents to look for in a closer
HTSS 113 - How to reduce cancellations and regret in sales - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS 113 - How to reduce cancellations and regret in sales - Scott Sylvan Bell

January 18, 2021

Cancelations in sales are part of the game. You may have other names for when buyers back out of a deal. You could say that the buyer wants to unwind the deal or that they believe they made a bad decision. 

Sometimes the loss of the deal happens because you don't understand oscillation. There are also times where you lose the deal out of lack of preparation. 

Whatever the case maybe you can help keep a deal to stick by preparing in the presentation and coaching the buyer through what they will go through. 

First and foremost you must be prepared for the presentation and the deal. This means you practice and roll play your work. 

You let the buyer know their feelings and concerns are normal during the presentation. You deal with their back and forth decision. 

When it comes to the end of the presentation you ask for the deal. Once you get the deal you take the sale away to confirm the buyer wants the decision they made. 

You may be scared to think through the idea of asking to destroy the deal but you need to do it. 

Once the deal has been made and the purchase is a go then you will want to also explain what happens in their mind. They like the deal and then they don't like the deal.

If the deal hasn't been closed you can help with the oscillation of the buyer. Send thank you cards to everyone even if the sale was not made. Your client or potential buyer will want to know they are appreciated. 

HTSS112 - Why you must own your sales presentation to close deals - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS112 - Why you must own your sales presentation to close deals - Scott Sylvan Bell

January 13, 2021

You will see a massive difference between top closers and average salespeople. The main item to look at is the ownership of actions. 

As you learn how to sell and get more deals to close there is a point to look for. This intersection is where your skills have increased and your closing rate is harder to accelerate. At this point, you do have to look at what you are doing and make a conscious decision to keep going. Most salespeople coast with their actions. 

You must have personal responsibility, nobody else can do the hard work for you. You do have to put in the time, effort, energy, and risk. You have to put in the work. The best in sales are those who are willing to hone their abilities by paying for their own training, books, courses, and even practice.  

You do have to decide you will be the best. This investment will not always be comfortable. The average salesperson will not invest $20 in their own education. You can't wait for others to pay. There must be a constant dedication to refining skills, trying new word tracks and asking for the deal. 

The 80/20 rule applies to salespeople as it does to most places in business. You have to use role-play, dedication, and consistency. 

There will be items and events you have to give up along the way. You may miss out on a few weekends of fun and events. 

Instead of looking for reasons to not close deals and get the training find the exact purposes you need to close more deals. 

If you want to close more deals you will need to get past looking dumb or silly. You are going to get judged for no matter what you do. The pressure you get should happen in training or with a coach or a mentor. 

Pros will look for how to fix their sales, A Joe will blame their problems on the leads. The only way to own your sales process comes down to personal responsibility.  Closers own the sales process they use. Average salespeople look to place the blame on anything but themselves. 




HTSS111 - The stages of grief from losing a sales job or leaving a sales job - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS111 - The stages of grief from losing a sales job or leaving a sales job - Scott Sylvan Bell

January 10, 2021

If you lose a sales job or leave a sales job there will be emotions you go through. 

It's not just the standard feelings you have there is also grief to deal with. When you have time, effort, energy and money involved in a project you have the formula for rejection. 

When you face rejection and grief it can be a powerful interrupter in your life. 

Knowing that you go through these emotions in a day or an hour can help you realize what to expect. There is a whole spectrum of emotions in the process. Think of this as a pendulum instead of just a linear straight line. Here are a few of the emotions you may face:

  • Loss of hope – Distress
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Loneliness
  • Glee
  • Happiness
  • Excitement

Even if you win there is a feeling of loss, the grief of the time, energy, effort, and money involved. If you walk away on your own terms there is a feeling of loss and you do need to be prepared for it. These feelings and emotions will stick with you for a time. 

You could even ask yourself: 

  • Did I make the right decision when it came to leaving?
  • Is there anything I could have done differently?
  • Was it me?
  • Should I have seen the warning flags?
  • Should I have left sooner?
  • Will people respect me?
  • Is there a shame I don't want anyone to see?

Ways to fix the emotional roller coaster you will face from grief:

Talk it out with someone you TRUST

Get a therapist or pay one

Realize there is more to your life than a sales job. 

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