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HTSS206 - How to prepare for a sales interview - Scott Sylvan Bell

January 21, 2022

How to prepare for a sales job 

There are multiple approaches to interviewing salespeople. If you have never been in sales there is a feel to the interview. Some people fly off the seat of their pants while others use a full structure. It is important to note that some Business Owners and or Sales Managers like to see salespeople squirm. You will want to be prepared for an easy sales meeting or a difficult one. Either way, it will come down to your skills, conversation, rapport, and charm. You can learn from sales job interviews as to things 

Why do sales interviews matter 

A sales interview is a way for a company to decide to hire you or not. This seems simple enough. Some companies cant find a closer and are willing to hire someone to train. Sales interviews can range from easy to difficult. The better you prepare and the better your answers are you can improve your chances of getting hired. If you are looking for a sales job, this content could prepare you for what to expect. 

Questions you may get on a sales interview for a new job 

To start with this is not really a question but a view of an action. In this day and age people, can't say they didn't know how to get somewhere. Most employers will look at:

  1. Did they show up on time prepared with notes, pen, and or paper? 
  2. Do they initiate the conversation at the office
  3. Are they friendly with the office staff?
  4. Are they a closer and can they prove it – do they have docs and or awards
  5. Can they deal with pressure –
  6. Are they relaxed in the conversation even with no rapport
  7. Can they deal with the pressure of constant questions and also deal with constant interruptions
  8. Are they Good looking, funny, or socially awkward (pay attention to the laws in your jurisdiction
  9. Do they have a slight edge, chip on their shoulder, or anything similar – confidence vs arrogance
  10. Can they hold a conversation
  11. Do they engage in the conversation / do they get annoyed easily
  12. Can they deal with tough follow up questions?
  13. Do they have direction in the conversation, Are they leading or trying to lead
  14. Have they found achievement in their life?
  • Sports – college
  • Awards
  • Degree
  • Health
  • Adversity – Jail to redemption, broke to money
  1. What is their favorite adversity story?
  2. Are they willing to follow a system?
  3. Are they willing to make a cold call on the phone live or at least willing to attempt it?
  4. Are they willing to role play in the appointment and if so why?
  5. Do they know how to articulate what they want?
  6. Will they push back or will they agree with anything?
  7. Do they ask for the next steps?
  8. Do they love people or hate them, do they have a disdain for others?
  9. Can they talk about good and bad experiences in their life?
  10. Are they a people pleaser and go with the wind – this may be a problem – they will get pushed around from they buyers?
  11. Do they seem eager about the job or the role
  12. Do they push back with rejection – Call me back -

Questions to ask new salespeople

When someone is new to sales the questions asked may be different than questions asked to veteran sales reps. 

  1. Would they be willing to start with just following up or at a lower level position?
  2. Have they achieved anything in the past that they are proud of?
  3. How did they prepare for the call?
  4. Can they hold a conversation with questions, directions or anything else?
  5. Do they ask good questions or look for clarification?
  6. What happens when they get pushed back?
  7. Are they willing to talk about their fears of selling?
  8. Are they overly confident, this can be a problem?
  9. Are they willing to try to sell in the appointment?
  10. What is the most expensive thing they have recently bought – ask them to see “you buy how you sell”

You have tons of options when looking for a sales job. Just so you know sales interviews are not supposed to be easy. 

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