HTSS05 - Overcome rejection in sales and life - Bob Beverley & Scott Sylvan Bell

October 11, 2016

Finding the right therapist in life may help you succeed faster. Bob Beverley has sat and listened to people for nearly 40,000 hours.The insight and wisdom that Bob has to offer can help you get through the toughest parts of your life. In this episode the conversation turned to ideas and concepts most people do not want to talk about in business.

The top 7 ideas to listen to in this episode

4:27 How therapy can help you as a salesperson or a professionalto get to the next step in your career and life

11:17 The advice of don’t let it get to you is not somethinggood to hear and can actually hurt you in the long run.  

15:22 How to keep enthusiasm for business over time and howto recharge to keep going. The secret of connections with others to build thefuel for prosperity. Why your belief of therapy can help you even more.

22:01 Why you can’t separate your personal life from yourbusiness life and why you need to live as good as you can for energy.

24:36 This powerful life Secret from professor at Harvard of25 years about telling people the truth and why it matters will change the wayyou interact with others.

28:38 How intimacy is all about being adored and why it ishard to ignore and this feeling. The surprising way intimacy effects your businesslife for good or bad

32:55 Why greed increases with age and how it impacts theway you live not just with emotions but interactions with others.

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