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HTSS193 - Why content creation has been important to me - Scott Sylvan Bell

December 20, 2021

Why I spend so much time putting content together

This episode may sound like its all about me, its not. I have to share my experiences to build the road map. This isn’t a cheesy covert hypnosis or inception all about myself. With 2600 YouTube videos and nearly 200 podcasts episodes, you have to know I have an agenda. Every chance I talk I get to refine my content, my thoughts, and my skills.

How my past helped me build content 

I was made fun of relentlessly for my speech problem as well as my weight. I was told to be quiet my whole life. When I started in sales there was not the level of coaching, youtube, podcasts, or blogs as prolific as they are now. If you are just getting into sales you have more content available to you to choose from. The building of content is a reminder for me of a path, a digital journal of sorts.

How my content creation process was jumpstarted and why it matters 

In 2014 my house was broken into and I was in a slump. This was the time that the ice bucket challenge. In May 2014 the conversation and viral video process was really amplified. Deb Cole @coachdeb challenged me to create content. I went for 100 days in a row adding videos to YouTube. I was told that the skill of being in front of a camera or video would work out for me. I added 2600 pieces of content to YouTube over time. In March of 2020 the Pandemic made Zoom videos prolific. 

My extra reason why for creating content  

It's my hope that an episode will help someone who is struggling. The feel of a bottomless pit is real and it's scary. I want to leave a legacy of my journey and how to help others. Not everyone wakes up with killer confidence. Some people have to work at it, I have my moments. Some days I am superman and some days… I just don’t have it.  

How content creation helps me 

Refined ideas and thoughts equals wisdom when done properly. I drive for hours sometimes talking into a headset or microphone to refine, shape, and shift a concept. Teaching content allows for you to command control of your ideas – a few people have told me that my recall skills are unparalleled for various topics – it's because I have internalized the thoughts and beliefs. I look for concepts, correlations, questions, hypotheses, and patterns. I build out note guides for other people to help me remember – I have done this for multiple courses or events. At the end of the day, it makes it easier for people to find me

Content creation is bragging rights 

There are not many people who have as much content online as I do. There are a few people who have more. There is so much bad advice out there.  I can think of a few people I have zero respect for that think they can train. I put things out there to counter their bad content. The challenge for you is to come up with 10 pieces of content. You also need to be interviewed. When you get interviewed you are the expert. 


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