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HTSS191 - 7 Traits of top closers in sales - Scott Sylvan Bell

December 18, 2021

7 skills all closers have 

There are common traits of salespeople in all sorts of industries. When you take a look at styles and skills here are some of the places you can learn from:

  • In home sales
  • Commercial sales 
  • Real estate sales 
  • SaaS sales 
  • Car sales
  • Enterprise sales 
  • Phone sales

These are the 7 traits closers have. If you look long enough you may find different ideas. You can build out your own list or concepts. You can take and compare notes for what you find. Watch other salespeople and see what you would come up with or if you would use the same list.

The top traits of closers

When you look at the skills and the talents closer have you can then duplicate them. In NLP this would be modeling. You copy somewhat the things you see and duplicate them. You then evaluate where your skills and capabilities are. You must be willing to dig in and ask if they are the real things you feel or if they feel fake. 

7 traits of top salespeople 

These traits are for the most part in order of the presentation you will give. It doesn't matter the industry you are in or the product you sell. These 7 traits of closers are universal. 

  • Self-image – this is what they think about themselves. Their confidence, their aura in a room.
  • Delivery – how they talk, communication, and interaction with the person or the people they meet with. Delivery happens from the moment a salesperson walks into a door to the time the sales call ends. Timing – study comedy = improv classes
  • Rapport – this is all about how they connect with the person or the people they are meeting with. Rapport is the feeling of being similar
  • Questions – Questions, and stories are in my mind are the 2 most powerful forms of communication. Most top salespeople can flip an idea with a question “is it possible” “its impossible unless – they turn the tables on buyers
  • Presentation – this is how they talk to people in the presentation, how they explain what they offer and how they talk through their offer. This is narration, this is conversation and this is story.
  • Objections – How they deal with the problems the buyer has – the calmness, the walk into the fire belief
  • Negotiation – What they do to get the deal closed, how they get the buyer to the horizon

The traits to target to be a closer 

If you are struggling look at how much rapport you are building. If you want to target a skill to increase your closing rate look at the questions you are asking. Make a list of all of the questions you know and be willing to add to them. The one place you can start is to learn how to deal with difficult people and or buyers. Learn to deal with the worst of the worst, this makes it so much easier to deal with anyone. 

The 8th trait of top closers 

If there was a bonus skill that was needed for closing it would be critical thinking. This skill is a combination between questions and correlation. You do want to get better at looking at cause and effect. You can utilize follow up questions to get better answer as well. 



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