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HTSS189 - Is sales a good career to get started in - Scott Sylvan Bell

December 16, 2021

Would sales be a good career for me?

A common phrase that comes up in Google is "Is sales a good career to get started in". This is something sales trainers and sales experts get asked as well. Know that sales is a great service to be involved with. You get to help people with problems and issues they face. 

Common fears about sales 

  • There is always the fear about taking advantage of people – you don’t have to do this
  • Living on commission
  • Asking for the sale

What you get to take with you for life. When you know how to sell, you get whatever you want. 

  • How to ask for what you want
  • Negotiation
  • Better confidence
  • Ability to speak in front of a crowd
  • Talk yourself out of stations
  • Up your income
  • You get a better understanding of people

Sales is a great career, you can move to different positions and or locations:

  • Industries
  • Services
  • Locations

Systematized sales processes can be used in multiple locations. Here is what you may have to put up with:

  • The learning curve
  • Management -
  • Product changes -
  • No set or guaranteed pay – there is the opposite and a huge upside
  • Unethical people

Who sales is not for

  • Liars, cheats and frauds – they will always be in the industry (that’s the list)
  • 3%

Where can you learn

  • Network marketing (MLM)
  • Start small think in terms of a low dollar item
  • Look a place good reputation
  • 2nd party sales – garage sales, FB market, craigslist

Focus -

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