HTSS10 How to write a resume that stands out and will get your hired faster Mike McRitchie & Scott Sylvan Bell

November 30, 2016

When you have a resume that stands out there is a high chance of you landing your next job or even your dream job. When you have a proper resume you show the potential hiring staff you are prepared for the next step. If your resume is lacking “a pop” it may seem bland and cause you to have to wait longer for an acceptable position.

Here are 8 of the top moments form this show:

3:20 The specific things you need to add to your resume to update it almost monthly and   the reason why you would have a resume longer than 1 page.

5:31 The item copywriters can teach you to make your resume more intriguing to the person reading it to get the most attention and stands out.

8:03 What recruiters wish you knew about writing a resume and what you should specifically add to give yourself a better chance at finding your dream job faster and easier.

9:55 How being in contact with a recruiter before you need them can really help you out and the correct information of what you need to bring to the table in order to have an influential resume written.

13:12 What makes the ability to write a resume difficult and what you could expect when not ready for a job. What you need to do as to be memorable to a recruiter or a hiring manager

14:57 The frame that should be used to get the most amount of attention to your resume and why accomplishments are more important than the roles and responsibilities. This is something you need to know to land an interview.

16:39 Why you need to have your resume proof read and prepared for the person that will view the final work and judge you for it and the surprising reasons why a resume helps you from being excluded from a job search before it even happens.

20:50 The signs someone needs help with their resume and why a professionally written resume can get you to the front of the line faster for a job interview


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