HTSS06 - You sell how you buy or people sell how they buy - Dale Bell & Scott Sylvan Bell

October 11, 2016

One of the topics never really discussed in the sales process is how your buying style affects your selling style, dealing with asking tough questions and even the ability to overcome objections. If it is true that people sell how they buy wouldn’t it make sense to figure out what your personal buying style is before you try to train for sales or even try to make a sale.

2:05 This is the one question that you can be asked to help determine your buying style and why it matters to your sales process and why your buying style may be holding you back.  You may also find the reason why the opposite buyer of you may drive you crazy and it may lead you to lose the sale

9:40 How questions being asked to a buyer may turn them off and lead to unneeded objections in your sales process.

12:36 Your direct correlation with explaining boundaries to others and being able to overcome the objections you get from a buyer in the sales process  

16:12 How preempting an objection in the sales process can make the buyers stall look silly as taught by sales trainer Gary May

19:20 When impatience meets the sales process you may not be able to close a sale because of your own beliefs about sales

25:20 The reason whyy our own ego may be holding you back from closing more sales and even getting the right type of coaching

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