HTSS11 - How to use trade and barter to sell more and get referrals - Joe Lopez

January 20, 2017

Sales are something your business needs and there are more ways to sell than what you think. You are not getting all you can out of everything you got because trade and barter are two tools that most companies and business owners do not use. The reason barter and trade are not used is because it isn’t thought of. It could also be the reason why trading business isn’t used is because it is misunderstood. You will find out there is more work out there you can uncover as well as more referrals.

Joe Lopez is a certified trade broker from Kailua Oahu  

Top moments from this weeks show:

1:45 The reason why most companies are doing trade and not barter when they work with people and why this not only causes confusion but s costly for business.

3:50 How to reach out the right way to someone so that you can strike up a barter and how you can leverage your time better

5:27 How you can uncover unrealized money inside your business to leverage new relationships, business opportunities and save cash all at the same time.

7:45 The most powerful way to offset expenses of your business through using trade with new companies.

10:10 What a trade exchange service ca do for you and how to figure out how much of your services to start trading with others.

12:01 Where to look for a trade broker and how they protect you and your trade. You also get the ways to protect yourself and your deals.

13:01 What you need the right way to deal with the IRS with barter and how you can maximize your taxes and still keep your cash (tax planning)

15:04 You are leaving money on the table and do not even know it… this secret is revealed

17:40 The amazing story of how Joe put a down payment on his home in Kailua Oahu using trade dollars more than once and the way you can o the same thing.

20:57 How you can use trade as a tool to gain business you may not have realized previously and the way Joe used trade to get daily time in an Airplane.

24:10 the insiders secrets to use a barter exchange to work with a Barter exchange the right way and get good service from the trade exchange by using the right trade mindset

Mahalo for your help with this interview Joe!

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HTSS10 How to write a resume that stands out and will get your hired faster Mike McRitchie & Scott Sylvan Bell

November 30, 2016

When you have a resume that stands out there is a high chance of you landing your next job or even your dream job. When you have a proper resume you show the potential hiring staff you are prepared for the next step. If your resume is lacking “a pop” it may seem bland and cause you to have to wait longer for an acceptable position.

Here are 8 of the top moments form this show:

3:20 The specific things you need to add to your resume to update it almost monthly and   the reason why you would have a resume longer than 1 page.

5:31 The item copywriters can teach you to make your resume more intriguing to the person reading it to get the most attention and stands out.

8:03 What recruiters wish you knew about writing a resume and what you should specifically add to give yourself a better chance at finding your dream job faster and easier.

9:55 How being in contact with a recruiter before you need them can really help you out and the correct information of what you need to bring to the table in order to have an influential resume written.

13:12 What makes the ability to write a resume difficult and what you could expect when not ready for a job. What you need to do as to be memorable to a recruiter or a hiring manager

14:57 The frame that should be used to get the most amount of attention to your resume and why accomplishments are more important than the roles and responsibilities. This is something you need to know to land an interview.

16:39 Why you need to have your resume proof read and prepared for the person that will view the final work and judge you for it and the surprising reasons why a resume helps you from being excluded from a job search before it even happens.

20:50 The signs someone needs help with their resume and why a professionally written resume can get you to the front of the line faster for a job interview


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HTSS09 - How to sell to the affluent luxury goods and services Kris McAulay & Scott Sylvan Bell

November 23, 2016

Selling luxury goods to the affluent is a specialty of Kris McAulay. The most recent product she was selling included homes in Monterey California with listings starting at 4 million all the way to 19 million. You will be surprised to learn some of the background knowledge of what it takes to sell to the affluent and be good at it.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn from this episode of the How to sell show

2:12 The common mistake salespeople make when assumptions and expectations of the buyer – especially when the sale needs to be made.

3;54 The driver of the decision making process when purchasing goods, products and services. Some of the words that shouldn’t be used to sell including this one descriptive word

5:45 the way to address the people who are buying goods and services to help with more rapport and how to tell the right way. Treat them the way you would want to be treated

6:45 the way decisions are made and who really does the help to make the decision and the information that needs to be delivered the right way. Why the details really do matter.

8:25 The 2 groups of people who buy luxury goods and how their decisions are made, they are completely different

9:31 The real item being sold when selling luxury homes and what the focus should be of the person selling the home.

10:45 The identity the affluent use when with similar people and how they know if you belong..

12:00 The reason why you need to have confidence in the world of selling luxury goods to the affluent  

14:11 The one surprising thing that affluent buyers will do to help the salesperson when the sale is starting

15:10 The one asset that we all have and need to understand in order to make the sale and how to ensure you make the sale by knowing this rule

17:17 Price doesn’t equal value is a true statement in most industries and why this is important in all sales

18:41 the way to get the budget of the affluent buyer and allow the buyer to sell themselves

20:45 what information is used as a negotiating tool when the purchase is being made and why you need to know where to look for it.

22:10 The huge mistake made when prospecting for the leads for exclusive buyers


HTSS08 How to influence people and sell more through anchoring - Tom Vizzini & Scott Sylvan Bell

November 2, 2016

Tom Vizzini and Kim McFarland have been implementing,testing and teaching anchoring for the last 20 years. This underground skill is something not taught by many trainers because they do not know about the action. You can use anchoring in any application in life and in any situation.

Anchoring is a natural skill where emotions are tied to things. Phobias are a good example of an anchor. When you poses the ability to anchor people your ability to influence not only multiplies it gets easier.

Top moments from this episode include:

3:31 The is a problem you face as a salesperson with logical selling and how it works against you in the sales process and leads to objections.

5:43 The basics skill set you need to make a sale and how an anchor can make it easier for you to close the sale almost every single time.

7:02 Why you must have the skill of anchoring to really be considered a master or an expert in sales and why old school sales hurts the sales process gets salespeople in trouble.

12:26 You can use this one skill to be a better professional salesperson and the simple reason why sales managers don’t want to pay top dollar to get results.

16:11 Who the real prize in business is and the enlightened path for you to get there along with the tools you can use.

18:30 How technology of anchoring has evolved over time and why this impacts your ability to sell because of simplicity

21:02 The one thing you must never do to a client or it will haunt you for long period of your sales process.

You can find more from Tom Vizzini and Kim Mcfarland at:

Toms Twitter: @tomvizzini

HTSS07 - Health of a salesperson can increase sales and closing Dale Bell & Scott Sylvan Bell

October 11, 2016

Most business owners, trainers and salespeople typically avoid the conversation about mental health. When you are mentally healthy it is easier for you to close sales. When you are not mentally healthy your ability to close sales decreases exponentially. 

Its not that company has to pay for a therapist but it would at least make sense to let the salesperson know what options are available for them to be better prepared to deal with rejection in the sales process.  

Top highlights from todays episode

2:22 It’s not a sales call it’s a performance this one wayof looking at a sales call can help you close more deals  

6:28 The reason why the mental health of a salesperson doesmatter when closing deals and why other industries take other parts ofprotective industries

12:00 What does it cost a company to not invest into acompany

14:50 The questions you could be asked to help increase yoursales and how large problems in life decreases sales abilities.

21:01 All salespeople share a common bond when the idea of rejectionbreaks open.  

23.59 How praise can help increase sales and its zero costto do but high cost to not do and how the 4-3-2-1 process can help lead to moresales.

26:41 Your ability to give recognition to other people’ssuccess can lead to help making more sales 

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HTSS06 - You sell how you buy or people sell how they buy - Dale Bell & Scott Sylvan Bell

October 11, 2016

One of the topics never really discussed in the sales process is how your buying style affects your selling style, dealing with asking tough questions and even the ability to overcome objections. If it is true that people sell how they buy wouldn’t it make sense to figure out what your personal buying style is before you try to train for sales or even try to make a sale.

2:05 This is the one question that you can be asked to help determine your buying style and why it matters to your sales process and why your buying style may be holding you back.  You may also find the reason why the opposite buyer of you may drive you crazy and it may lead you to lose the sale

9:40 How questions being asked to a buyer may turn them off and lead to unneeded objections in your sales process.

12:36 Your direct correlation with explaining boundaries to others and being able to overcome the objections you get from a buyer in the sales process  

16:12 How preempting an objection in the sales process can make the buyers stall look silly as taught by sales trainer Gary May

19:20 When impatience meets the sales process you may not be able to close a sale because of your own beliefs about sales

25:20 The reason whyy our own ego may be holding you back from closing more sales and even getting the right type of coaching

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HTSS04 - Social Media strategies and secrets - Deb Cole & Scott Sylvan Bell

October 11, 2016

Deb Cole wrote the first book on Twitter – Twitter revolution. Today Deb is a sought after social media consultant. It doesn’t matterwhat social media platform you are working on whether:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Myspace  

The top 7 moments of this show to help you manager yoursocial media better are:

4:45 The best way to manage your personal page and fan pageto build engagement and also interact with others. The sneaky insider secret toshow up on others feeds  

13:18 One huge reason why you need to own a platform in yourindustry and how to harvest twitter for prospecting and connecting with others.

17:40 How to leverage the power of YouTube and have your owntelevision station plus the way to keep people engaged and watching your videos

23:11 The right way to get people to follow you throughbuilding content as well as getting the person to take action once they have consumedyour content

26:00 A special way to help you build credibility though thegraphics on your video so you can be a trusted celebrity and increase status

31:30 What you need to know about brand building on Instagramand Pinterest and why you need to be on these channels as well  

34: 40 How to choose the platform to be on by looking at thechannel as a party


If you ever wanted to have a crash course on how to usesocial media the correct way Deb Cole is the sources for you


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HTSS05 - Overcome rejection in sales and life - Bob Beverley & Scott Sylvan Bell

October 11, 2016

Finding the right therapist in life may help you succeed faster. Bob Beverley has sat and listened to people for nearly 40,000 hours.The insight and wisdom that Bob has to offer can help you get through the toughest parts of your life. In this episode the conversation turned to ideas and concepts most people do not want to talk about in business.

The top 7 ideas to listen to in this episode

4:27 How therapy can help you as a salesperson or a professionalto get to the next step in your career and life

11:17 The advice of don’t let it get to you is not somethinggood to hear and can actually hurt you in the long run.  

15:22 How to keep enthusiasm for business over time and howto recharge to keep going. The secret of connections with others to build thefuel for prosperity. Why your belief of therapy can help you even more.

22:01 Why you can’t separate your personal life from yourbusiness life and why you need to live as good as you can for energy.

24:36 This powerful life Secret from professor at Harvard of25 years about telling people the truth and why it matters will change the wayyou interact with others.

28:38 How intimacy is all about being adored and why it ishard to ignore and this feeling. The surprising way intimacy effects your businesslife for good or bad

32:55 Why greed increases with age and how it impacts theway you live not just with emotions but interactions with others.

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HTSS02 - Sell to C level executives and close deals - Mark SA Smith & Scott Sylvan Bell

October 11, 2016

Mark SA Smith is a bestselling Author and co writer of Guerrilla Negotiating as well as 11 other books about business. There is a skill of helping businesses find the right customers through research that Mark hasto share that you can benefit from.

2:15 The major reason why CEOs do not fall for persuasion or common sales tactics and how they really hurt you when selling as well as some of the best questions to ask a CEO to gather information before you even try to give a presentation.

7:35 Why you need to use influencer selling in order to get to the real decision maker and why Las Vegas is the only place where an elevator pitch really does work

12:41 The 4 priority questions that must be answered before even trying to sell to executives and how to know how much of a priority the sale is. There is also a built in secret to know if the sale can even be made

15:35 Why an executive needs to know to manage a project you are selling and how to make sure they understand how the project will work with outcomes, deliverables and payback. This story should be framed as a competitive advantage.

21:01 The problem with traditional strategies to get in touch with executives and how a book can help you validate your position,project or product and how to use Linkedin to connect the right way with Executives.

24:30 The important reason why familiarity reduces risk and how trust is an important catalyst of gaining the sale and the one way you can get your foot in the door with Executives

26:35 How to use a sharpie marker unique way with large writing to your advantage to help close your deal using the power of consistency and trust.


A few of the books Mar has written are:

Guerrilla Negotiating:Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Get What You Want

Guerrilla Trade Show Selling: New Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Meet More People, Get More Leads, and Close More Sales

Guerrilla TeleSelling: New Unconventional Weapons and Tactics to Sell When You Can't be There in Person

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HTSS01 - How to influence people learning from politicians with Dr Kevin Hogan & Scott Sylvan Bell

October 11, 2016

Dr Kevin Hogan is an Author and speaker and specializes in Influence and Body Language. When it comes to influencing others Kevin is the go to person to get the correct answer.  

Some of Kevin’s Books are: Psychology of Influence, Covert Persuasion and The 168 Hour Week. You will want to pay attention to how Kevin shores the secrets of influencing others. 


The one item you should watch out for in this episode is whyyour ability to be real will not only resonate with people but also help closethe sale.


The top moments of this show to help you influence better include:

3:42 The power of influencing of resonating with peoplecomes from saying what happens in the moment. The straight talk secret ofBernie Sanders and Donald Trump that will help you close sales.

7:51 How the power of being real draws people in and closesthe sales – we all want to get to know people and social media does help that

10:29 Why being real is going to be important moving forwardin the world of business and how being anti establishment will win movingforward in the future.

14:46 The items in the tool kit you must have in order to dodamage control and how your stories can help you in a difficult situation.

17:43 What happens to you when you talk negatively about the competition and how it will cost you sales.

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