HTSS11 - How to use trade and barter to sell more and get referrals - Joe Lopez

January 20, 2017

Sales are something your business needs and there are more ways to sell than what you think. You are not getting all you can out of everything you got because trade and barter are two tools that most companies and business owners do not use. The reason barter and trade are not used is because it isn’t thought of. It could also be the reason why trading business isn’t used is because it is misunderstood. You will find out there is more work out there you can uncover as well as more referrals.

Joe Lopez is a certified trade broker from Kailua Oahu  

Top moments from this weeks show:

1:45 The reason why most companies are doing trade and not barter when they work with people and why this not only causes confusion but s costly for business.

3:50 How to reach out the right way to someone so that you can strike up a barter and how you can leverage your time better

5:27 How you can uncover unrealized money inside your business to leverage new relationships, business opportunities and save cash all at the same time.

7:45 The most powerful way to offset expenses of your business through using trade with new companies.

10:10 What a trade exchange service ca do for you and how to figure out how much of your services to start trading with others.

12:01 Where to look for a trade broker and how they protect you and your trade. You also get the ways to protect yourself and your deals.

13:01 What you need the right way to deal with the IRS with barter and how you can maximize your taxes and still keep your cash (tax planning)

15:04 You are leaving money on the table and do not even know it… this secret is revealed

17:40 The amazing story of how Joe put a down payment on his home in Kailua Oahu using trade dollars more than once and the way you can o the same thing.

20:57 How you can use trade as a tool to gain business you may not have realized previously and the way Joe used trade to get daily time in an Airplane.

24:10 the insiders secrets to use a barter exchange to work with a Barter exchange the right way and get good service from the trade exchange by using the right trade mindset

Mahalo for your help with this interview Joe!

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