HTSS09 - How to sell to the affluent luxury goods and services Kris McAulay & Scott Sylvan Bell

November 23, 2016

Selling luxury goods to the affluent is a specialty of Kris McAulay. The most recent product she was selling included homes in Monterey California with listings starting at 4 million all the way to 19 million. You will be surprised to learn some of the background knowledge of what it takes to sell to the affluent and be good at it.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn from this episode of the How to sell show

2:12 The common mistake salespeople make when assumptions and expectations of the buyer – especially when the sale needs to be made.

3;54 The driver of the decision making process when purchasing goods, products and services. Some of the words that shouldn’t be used to sell including this one descriptive word

5:45 the way to address the people who are buying goods and services to help with more rapport and how to tell the right way. Treat them the way you would want to be treated

6:45 the way decisions are made and who really does the help to make the decision and the information that needs to be delivered the right way. Why the details really do matter.

8:25 The 2 groups of people who buy luxury goods and how their decisions are made, they are completely different

9:31 The real item being sold when selling luxury homes and what the focus should be of the person selling the home.

10:45 The identity the affluent use when with similar people and how they know if you belong..

12:00 The reason why you need to have confidence in the world of selling luxury goods to the affluent  

14:11 The one surprising thing that affluent buyers will do to help the salesperson when the sale is starting

15:10 The one asset that we all have and need to understand in order to make the sale and how to ensure you make the sale by knowing this rule

17:17 Price doesn’t equal value is a true statement in most industries and why this is important in all sales

18:41 the way to get the budget of the affluent buyer and allow the buyer to sell themselves

20:45 what information is used as a negotiating tool when the purchase is being made and why you need to know where to look for it.

22:10 The huge mistake made when prospecting for the leads for exclusive buyers


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