HTSS01 - How to influence people learning from politicians with Dr Kevin Hogan & Scott Sylvan Bell

October 11, 2016

Dr Kevin Hogan is an Author and speaker and specializes in Influence and Body Language. When it comes to influencing others Kevin is the go to person to get the correct answer.  

Some of Kevin’s Books are: Psychology of Influence, Covert Persuasion and The 168 Hour Week. You will want to pay attention to how Kevin shores the secrets of influencing others. 


The one item you should watch out for in this episode is whyyour ability to be real will not only resonate with people but also help closethe sale.


The top moments of this show to help you influence better include:

3:42 The power of influencing of resonating with peoplecomes from saying what happens in the moment. The straight talk secret ofBernie Sanders and Donald Trump that will help you close sales.

7:51 How the power of being real draws people in and closesthe sales – we all want to get to know people and social media does help that

10:29 Why being real is going to be important moving forwardin the world of business and how being anti establishment will win movingforward in the future.

14:46 The items in the tool kit you must have in order to dodamage control and how your stories can help you in a difficult situation.

17:43 What happens to you when you talk negatively about the competition and how it will cost you sales.

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