HTSS07 - Health of a salesperson can increase sales and closing Dale Bell & Scott Sylvan Bell

October 11, 2016

Most business owners, trainers and salespeople typically avoid the conversation about mental health. When you are mentally healthy it is easier for you to close sales. When you are not mentally healthy your ability to close sales decreases exponentially. 

Its not that company has to pay for a therapist but it would at least make sense to let the salesperson know what options are available for them to be better prepared to deal with rejection in the sales process.  

Top highlights from todays episode

2:22 It’s not a sales call it’s a performance this one wayof looking at a sales call can help you close more deals  

6:28 The reason why the mental health of a salesperson doesmatter when closing deals and why other industries take other parts ofprotective industries

12:00 What does it cost a company to not invest into acompany

14:50 The questions you could be asked to help increase yoursales and how large problems in life decreases sales abilities.

21:01 All salespeople share a common bond when the idea of rejectionbreaks open.  

23.59 How praise can help increase sales and its zero costto do but high cost to not do and how the 4-3-2-1 process can help lead to moresales.

26:41 Your ability to give recognition to other people’ssuccess can lead to help making more sales 

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