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HTSS188 - Overcoming money objections in sales starts with you - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS188 - Overcoming money objections in sales starts with you - Scott Sylvan Bell

December 15, 2021

Overcoming your money fears in sales 

Most fears of rejection come in around money. You may be the cause of objections with your buyer. You have to be willing to ask for what you want in sales and that includes money.  Salespeople who don’t make money tend to make decisions for the buyer. If you wanted to look for a similar type of energy this can be compared to asking someone out on a date. 

You sell how you buy 

You sell how you buy or you buy how you sell really is your operating system. If you had pre-sales programming this is it. Your own internal money fears create your objections. You literally talk yourself into your greatest fears. Your buyers feel your fears, your buyers know your fears. Buyers hear it in your voice and it betrays you.   

Price reluctancy in sales is real  

You talk circles around your fears. Kids talk circles around things they want or people they are interested in. Salespeople may tell themselves "I don’t want to ask the buyer, the client or otherwise for that much money". Salespeople can build too much rapport to avoid getting to the money. Salespeople can ask endless questions to avoid getting to the money.

Tips to get over money fears:

  • Watch closers talk about “the money”
  • See how its “just the money” with no real energy – it's factual
  • Role play at 10x to 100x your cost. If its 10k role play at 100k etc
  • Role play saying price 100 times
  • Be willing to talk about money early on
  • Be willing to talk about money a few times in the sales process
  • You can price condition – number, phrase, color – hypnotists do this
  • You can use phrases like “I don’t want to spend all of your money, I just want to spend some of it” – focus
  • Can we agree early on that I share with you what you need – yes, you might hear something that you were not expecting. If you need a 100K product ill let you know. If you need a 10k product Ill let you know. Im not scared to let you know what you really need. At the same time, ill let you know if there is something you don’t.

Place the blame for your own internal objections 

To begin with its your fault if you are not closing deals. You can buy into messages from the buyer. You can get caught up in what others are doing. Some of this is the buyers' fault since they are nervous and you buy into it. Some of this is sales fault. This can come from bad sales training. You do have Homework, go watch other salespeople present. 


HTSS187 - 50 Killer questions to ask prospects - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS187 - 50 Killer questions to ask prospects - Scott Sylvan Bell

December 14, 2021

50 Killer questions for your sales process

As a salesperson, you do have to get used to nervous energy, silence, and even pressure. Questions deliver all of these concepts and ideas. Whoever can ask the best questions can win. You should study books on questions. You should get good at interviewing as it will help your sales process. Questions and stories are the 2 most powerful forms of communication. You don’t have to answer a question but you do have to think about it. 

The downside of asking questions 

You don't want your conversations and questions to be an Interrogation. When you ask questions, "how" and "what" questions are better than "why" questions. The fortune is in the follow-up, that is the fortune is in the follow-up question. 

How to gather great sales questions 

You can go to google and a whole bunch of sites and gather as many questions as you can. Look for the ones that you are comfortable with and the ones that make you uncomfortable. Look for ways to work in the uncomfortable ones.

Some questions lead to conflict 

When you are new to sales all questions are uncomfortable, especially under conflict. Some questions are out of bounds. Look for people to be your mentor whether they know it or not. 3x5 cards they are not just for objections they are also for role play. You can write the best questions on the cards to find the right way to ask them. 

A list of great sales questions 

Here are a bunch of questions to fit every type of personality, you may or may not like all of these. Pick and choose:

Lock in – how committed is the person to this task

  • Why did you decide to reach out
  • What finally lead you to take action with your __________ (problem . issue)
  • When you think about starting this conversation what got the ball rolling

Pain, problem, risk, pleasure

Probing / outcome – here is where salespeople don't put in the work, so I am giving you a bunch of them

  • Could you share with me what lead to this conversation – story
  • What got you started in this process?
  • What have you tried so far that has worked
  • What have you tried that hasn’t worked
  • What do you like about your product or service now?
  • Why now, why today
  • What are your short-term and long-term goals with this product or service?
  • If there was only 1 problem I could solve for you, what would that one thing be? (magic wand variant)
  • What are the must-have features for this project and what ones really don’t matter?
  • What criteria will you use to determine your __________ (vendor, product or service)
  • What’s important to you about the company you choose
  • What is the ideal outcome you are looking for? -
  • How much of a priority is this for you?
  • The last time you made a decision like this, how was it made? – Will you be using that same process on this project?


Future based questions

  • If we were to meet here a year from now what would help you say you made a good decision?
  • If you look into the future a year from now what is your biggest opportunity with us, our product and or our service?
  • What excites you most about working with us as we look to the future?
  • When we do this work for you what concerns do you have for implementation?
  • If we were to take care of this project for you what milestones would need to be met for you to find this project a success?
  • When you take a look at your options what are the expectations you have for this product or service and would make you happy with the results?



This can be a stall question or a qualification question – this is a Sandler technique

  • I am curious why you asked that right now
  • Because?
  • Share with me why that’s important to you?
  • I am not quite sure this is what you need, is this what you have been looking for?

Follow up questions

  • Can you explain that to me in another way
  • I heard you say _________ can you expand upon that a little more
  • I am a little confused by that answer can you share with me what you mean by that?
  • How is that supposed to work out?

Money / budget

  • What kind of money do you have set aside for this project
  • When we look at the budget for this were you thinking it was going to me $__________ or more
  • In round numbers what are we looking for with a budget?
  • Tell me when it hurst what number did you want to keep this under per month – JZ


  • What’s your timeline for implementation
  • As we look at your timetable what markers do you have in place right now for this project?
  • What kind of deadline are we working with?


Other decision-makers

  • Who else needs to be involved in this process?
  • Can you authorize a purchase like this?
  • If I could do this right now and take care of this project who would need to sign off on it?

Closing questions

  • What do you think we should do
  • What comes next?
  • Are we going to do business together or not? -
  • Which one fits your needs the best?
  • When would you like delivery
  • Do you want option a or b
  • Cash or credit card?


  • Who do you know that would like to get involved with?
  • Who is the first person you think of when it comes to the same type of problems and issues that you have?

Cutting through the clutter questions – pitch and tone matter

  • I get the feeling something else here is going on, can you fill in the gaps for me
  • At this point, all of my cards are on the table and I feel like you are still holding onto a few of your own, care to jump in here
  • If I shared with you that I don’t think you are really into me or this project would you agree with that statement

Bonus quesitons 


Don’t stop at the initial sale – the resistance is gone

  • Now that you have the best of __________ (product) would you like the insurance
  • Can I share something else with you that would help you out?
  • The extended warranty is only a few dollars more, which version works best for you?
HTSS186 - Sales systems and processes are required to be a closer- Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS186 - Sales systems and processes are required to be a closer- Scott Sylvan Bell

December 13, 2021

How sales systems and processes help you close more deals 

You listen to enough successful people it's all about systems and processes. This framework is used to get consistency in their life. You can look at interviews with billionaires and or highly successful people. They have a repetitious element for the most part. Most salespeople early on look at systems, processes, and routines as a detrement. 

Systems and constraints 

Look at management as a system even though there are constraints they help. Looking at the numbers is a system, using time is a system, setting up funnels is a system and having the right managers is a system. Look at how many systems are out there.  Some systems are better than others. Some systems are more difficult and time-consuming. You have to find the right ones to help you and push you. If you don’t have a system and process you have one by default – not having a system is chaotic and sporadic. 

Systems and processes are everywhere in sales 

The commission structure is a good example of a system. This is all about steps and actions.  look for where you do well and struggle. Look for the places where you struggle that can have the most impact. You have to work towards consistency. It will difficult in the beginning, what you need to know is most people give up. 

Why closers have systems in sales 

When you watch closers in sales it doesn’t look like they have a system. One of the most common concerns, when salespeople work with closers, is “it just feels like they are talking” that’s a closers system. Most salespeople say they want the freedom of random presentations and then complain about the results they get.In the beginning, you do have to learn how to use scripts, word tracks, and stories until they become second nature.

  • If you work out and you want the max results you have to have a system
  • If you drive a race car you have to have a system for max results
  • If you do your taxes you have to have a system for max results
  • If you do a diet you have to have a system for max results

How to figure out your system

You do need to take the time to figure your system out. You may have to ask people for help t find your way. 

  • Use one already built and stick to it
  • Pay someone to build one for you
  • Try to come up with one on your own

The challenges are:

  • We fight for autonomy
  • We don’t like constraints and being told what to do
  • We get bored
  • Without guided practice, we get off track

A few examples of systems in your personal life – high examples :

  • What time you get up -
  • How you work out
  • The food you eat
  • How much sleep do you get
  • The training  you are willing to take 
HTSS185 - Why is sales so hard to implement and learn - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS185 - Why is sales so hard to implement and learn - Scott Sylvan Bell

December 12, 2021

Why is sales so hard and why cant I just be a closer?

The question of sales difficulty comes up often. This happens in all services and all industries. Sales is a business decathlon it's not just one event or topic it's multiple you have so many things to look at. The more expensive the item the more things to remember. Low ticket items are easy to sell, there is no real risk. The more the investment, the more the risk. As you start in your sales career you have to get the basics down. 

How to get started in sales 

Most salespeople find some sort of job start early. It can be mowing lawns, selling candy or even a paper route. If you are thinking of getting into sales you are going to get a glimpse of what it is like. If you have been in sales get ready to nod your head for a few reminders. Look at all of the things you need to know how to do when it comes to sales for bigger ticket items. As you look at the list of what you need to know it is overshadowed by the list of:

  • Bad training / coaching
  • Bad information 
  • Poor implementation or becoming stagnant 

Jon Benson uses the line "Its not your fault but now that you know its your responsibility". Find the best sales training you can pay for tat the time. Figure good sales training will make your money back at some point. You have to get good at figuring out skill and:

  • Emotions
  • Inadequacies
  • Personal conflicts
  • The right product for your buyer

There are so many things to know, it's not just about personality and communication. You can work years to master these skills and always work to improve them. Here are the 10 items you must know how to do to be a master closer:

  1. Keep a strong mental state – this isn’t always easy. Boundaries
  2. Deal with rejections – a pile of it and just when you think its done, you get more
  3. Put up with office politics – you have haters on the outside… haters on the inside. Some of your worst haters are managers that have never done sales
  4. Give a good presentation (content mastery) scripts, delivery, conversations, interruptions
  5. Ask questions and answer questions – getting good at knowing what to say and not to say
  6. Tell stories – good stories, emotional stories, sales stories.
  7. Know about the product, service, competition, rules – this is the in-depth knowledge that people cant have off the net or from a book – this is what you get paid for
  8. Overcome objections – you have 5 major objections for most industries and then their hybrids. It's not just the 5 major it's really a combination of 25. You have to get good with the base 5
  9. Deal with delivery and timelines – you have to know when and where and also negotiate to make it happen with vendors, staff, and even legal issues.
  10. Deal with upset clients – not everything goes well

Every one of these items could be an episode in itself. Every category could be broken down into more categories. Just in objections alone you can look at:

  • 3 bids 
  • Buying criteria 
  • Personal beliefs 
HTSS184 - Sales rep failure and sales failure reasons - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS184 - Sales rep failure and sales failure reasons - Scott Sylvan Bell

December 11, 2021

Sales rep failure rate and sales failure reasons

Being a salesperson can be weird. Most salespeople fail more than they close. Some salespeople want something they cant have early on. What the salespeople want is a career without failure.  Most industries have an average of 20 – 30% closing rates. This means 1/3 appointments are closed. The better salespeople are 2/3 sales deals closed.

Getting past fear of failure 

Failure is part of life. The more risks you take the more failure you can face. It's your job to fail often and figure out how to make things work. As you fail you are supposed to learn. There are a few ways for you to get past failure and the feeling of it:

  • Take notes
  • Fail, beyond the training
  • Know that attempts are tests 
  • Read biographies of successful people

How to get through failure in sales 

Salespeople can be seen as unusual.  Salespeople look at going into the fire, taking the bullets, and then running out with a client on their back. Plenty of people have a fear of not doing well in the face of adversity. People freak out about being told “no” but they don’t know that the key to getting to the yes is figuring out what people don’t want. Read “Start with no from Jim Camp” and Never split the difference from Chris Voss. 

Getting through a sales slump 

If you want to get to the next level in sales and or have success in business you can look at sales as a bell curve. You can become obsessive about routines and processes.  It’s a closing rate measurement contest not who you are. The only way you can get better is by putting in the reps. The pattern for success in sales is this:

New content – role play – fail – role play fail less – fail – role play – fail less – role play = comfort = close.

The closing deal Framework

How do you think and think about yourself? This question can be for your looks, your abilities, your skills and so much more. Your external belief in yourself has an impact on your sales process. The worse you feel about yourself the tougher it is to close deals. 

7 rules of sales failure

  1. You must want to really close deals – opportunity in the future
  2. You must learn to be ok with failure and problems with losing deals
  3. You must be willing to look back at deals to dissect them
  4. You must be patient – you need
  5. You must see that in the long term sales is cyclical
  6. You must be ok with no as much as or more than yes
  7. He or she who asks, gets – you only get from life what you ask for

The 7 skills closers have

  • Self-image
  • Rapport
  • Presentation
  • Questions
  • Objections
  • Negotiation
  • Delivery


7 skills all closers have  

HTSS183 - Everyone wants to be a closer until the unexpected - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS183 - Everyone wants to be a closer until the unexpected - Scott Sylvan Bell

December 11, 2021

Everyone wants to be a closer until they have to put in the work 

Every time you solve a problem you create a new one, this is true and life and business. This is a lesson you must understand. Once you get this sales does become easier. Sales failures and sales slumps are a normal part of the job. There are times where people say they want to be in sales and that they want to be a closer until they have to take aciton. 

Different ways to think about sales 

Think about this, you sell a product and or service and its new to the buyer. They know what life was like before they bought but they don’t know what life is like after. You need to build comfort, consistency as well as commitment. Salespeople don’t know how to do this, they think its all bout the price. You must be able to resolve the issues of the past, present, and future. You don't want to be an emotional punching bag for someone so they feel better without them taking action. 

Tough conversations in sales 

Tough conversations are something you must learn how to have. Most salespeople are scared or upset and or angry buyers. You must get past the worry and or fear of tough conversations with your buyers. Angry and upset people will still purchase goods and or services. You can have candid conversations with people about their fears and or worries. 

Turn problems into opportunities in sales 

Whatever "problem" your new product or service creates should have an opportunity to fix it.  Every problem should be looked at as an opportunity. Most salespeople get caught up on one side of the coin. Here are just some of the problems you can, will or may face.

  • Other salespeople who are knuckleheads – they don’t practice, they don’t know their product, they sell on price, they call and dump on the closer, they need help with mommy or daddy close the deal.
  • They have to deal with the office who doesn’t care about deadlines, promises made – by all means they get paid by the hour and hate closers
  • They get difficult clients – and close them -
  • They have to answer questions – and do it well
  • They have to close – and ask for the sale
  • They have to deal with post close issues – products, services as well as logistics and or vendors
  • They have to deal with paperwork – lots of deals = lots of paperwork
  • They have to deal with upset clients – not everything goes right with set up, processes and delivery
  • They have to deal with haters – show me a closer and I will show you a line of haters
  • They have to deal with managers that don’t get sales (accountants, HR and managers don’t understand closers) office staff love pliable salespeople – they don’t ask, they don’t push and they don’t get.
  • Closers learn how to say what they are thinking in a way that’s bold – it drives insecurity in others so it creates problems

Walk sales into the horizon and the future 

Not everyone has it in them to deal with what closers create, in fact managers say “why cant we go back to the way it used to be". Closers are future-facing and move forward. Closer know when they meet closers, closers also know when they meet posers. There is a feel to someone who can and will close deals. There is also a feel of those who cant. Its in their actions, their voice and their overall persona. Game recognize game.

Everyone wants to be a closer until office politics

Closers will say what they are thinking, they don’t take crap from managers – they know they are the prize and can get a new job now (they take the arrows in sales meetings and don’t care)

HTSS182 - The only shortcut in sales is hard work - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS182 - The only shortcut in sales is hard work - Scott Sylvan Bell

December 9, 2021

The only shortcut in sales and business is hard work

There are no shortcuts in sales except the work you put in. Sure on a Wednesday on a full moon where you stub your toe getting out of bed there may be an exception. Some training isn’t quick, its slow. You have to put in the repetitions. There isn't such a thing as instant learning. Everyone learns at a different pace, some people may be faster or slower than you. Your learning comes from your life experiences. 

You must put in the hard work to learn how to sell 

It's all about the reps you put in. You have to get multiple items down in order to sell. Sales is like a business decathlon. You have multiple items you must get good at. In Happy Gilmore its said "Its all about the hips “go with it, feel the flow”. In sales its about taking a path of learning what needs to be done to close the sale. 

Momentum in sales takes effort 

You have to put in the effort to make gains. Most salespeople say that they want to close deals but they don't want to put in the work. You will have wins and you will have losses – as you grow the losses are more than the wins. There will be a flipping point where the wins are greater than the losses. Natural talent isn’t normal, it actually hurts naturally talented people more to fix. Anyone who sells an instant fix isn’t really telling you the whole truth. You can train for a weekend, your sales pump up and then go down. It's all about the repeittion. 

Why you must use a sales system 

What system are you using? How is your system working for you? Do you do the same thing every time? What do you tell yourself? How is the conversation going in your head? How committed are you to your own personal improvement? These are just a few questions you could ask yourself to get going. You dont want to be a graduate of the:

  • Wild E coyote school of sales
  • George Costanza school of business

Negative content and the positive rebound

Its you against you first in sales, it's you against everyone else second. Who cares what other people are doing? if they are liars, cheats, or frauds it will catch up to them at their worst moment, it's not your worry or your reputation. It sucks when you are at the bottom looking up and it seems impossible.  Dr. Alan Baranrd likes to use the phrase "it's impossible unless". How can you use this phrase to your advantage? You can look to movies for inspiration. In Batman Returns Bane threw Bruce Wayne in the deep hole. Bruce Wayne had to decide he was going to get out.

The hard work in sales 

If you really want to make an impact in sales you can start with consuming positive content. You will also want to Role play not just a little but a ton. You can encourage others as it costs you nothing and opens up new receptors in your brain. Gratitude is one thing you can do as well you can start with a gratitude journal. 

Coached failure is faster than learned failure 

You can move faster with Coached failure get someone to help you do it better, faster and easier. You have to put in the work and the effort others are not willing to do. You will learn on your timetable and not others. 

Be willing to do what others will not:

  • Go online – buy courses
  • Read books
  • Interview experts 
  • Keep track of your numbers 




HTSS181 - Building confidence in sales calls - Scott SylvanBell

HTSS181 - Building confidence in sales calls - Scott SylvanBell

December 8, 2021

Confidence in sales – the 7 steps of confidence

There is a path, this isn’t automatic, it takes time, energy, and effort. You must put in the hard work to be a closer in sales. This means you have to practice, drill and rehearse. Another way to say this is role play. Your personal life has an influence on your business life. Daily struggles can turn a closing streak into a losing streak. You can over time find your confidence and keep it until something knocks you off your feet. 

Restore shaken confidence 

Your confidence can get shaken. Your confidence will get shaken, this is part of personal and business life.  Losing confidence is normal and happens to everyone, it's how you deal with it. When you have confidence and when you lose confidence think through what you tell yourself and what you say to yourself. 

You can model confidence 

You can use an NLP technique and do what others have done. This "modeling" is a way for you to borrow the traits of those who are confident. Look at people who are confident, what do they do. You can model confidence by people watching wherever you go out and when you do things. 

How to get your confidence back 

There is a recovery period associated with The timetables for recovery are different for everyone. How you think about your wins and losses matters. The bigger the change in your life the larger the possibility of having shaken confidence:

  • No sales – getting told no
  • Sales slumps 
  • Break up 
  • Deaths
  • Personal image issues
  • Not hitting personal goals
  • Feeling stagnant
  • Losing something
  • Being overweight
  • Missing a deadline

Why confidence in sales is so important

Confident salespeople with a bad message cant sell. Someone with confidence and a strong message can sell anything. It is important to have confidence in the sales process. Here are 7 steps to confidence. 

  1. Choice – you get this choice. It's all about what you tell yourself
  2. Clear – You have to get clear on what you want
  3. Commitment – Once you know what you want you to have to make a commitment
  4. Capable – this comes from repetition
  5. Consistency – Repetition over and over again
  6. Certainty – When you are certain people around you know it
  7. Confidence – Confidence has a feeling
  8. Compound (Bonus) – This is a force multiplier – follow up 2nd greatest feeling iwn the word

If you disagree how would you put the list in order, what would you change, how would you say it? What is your recipe?


Ways for you to grow your confidence

  1. It's you against you in sales first -
  2. Know there are haters that love to bring you down -
  3. What you intake matters – food and ideas books/ podcasts
  4. Exercise
  5. Read -
  6. Motivational content
  7. Encourage others – good job, keep going
  8. Stay away from negative people
  9. Make a journal of what you are thankful for – gratitude
  10. Awesomeness swipe file – episode 144
HTSS180 - How to hire top salespeople - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS180 - How to hire top salespeople - Scott Sylvan Bell

December 7, 2021

HTSS180 - How to find the best salespeople

One of the most common questions business owners and managers ask is "How do I find the right salespeople". If this is the case for you then you must get clear on what you want from your sales team and your office. Most business owners and managers don't understand how important culture is with a thriving business. 

Ethics in sales matter

Make sure to get ethical salespeople. This must be non-negotiable. The best salespeople are always in demand. This is why you should do everything possible to increase your skills and talents. Training from companies is important as well to set the stage. 

How to find top sales talent

Make a list of the traits you want in your team. You will also want to make a list of the traits your team has. You will need to bridge the gap between the 2. It costs too much to hire the wrong person, it takes too long to recover from their mistakes as well as the leads lost. It's not just that you want to find salespeople, you want the people who are:

  1. Coachable
  2. Team players
  3. Able to ask for the sale
  4. Want to be in it for the long run – looking for a home
  5. You want ethics – quick wins are not always good wins – Car dealer that tried to hire me

Working with the top salespeople

Salespeople are a different breed, they like to compete, they can deal with rejection, and can be a little quirky to others. Top salespeople have an attitude and confidence that can be unsettling to others. Your office will complain about how top salespeople act and how much money they make. 

Building a top-performing sales team 

  1. You can hire top salespeople talent

    1. When you hire top salespeople you reduce costs (closing rates increase bottom lines / look at marketing costs).
    2. Office managers hate how much top salespeople make – it bothers them
    3. Salespeople can become territorial
    4. Other salespeople will call top salespeople liars, cheats, and frauds. (You have to know that sometimes this is the truth – if you want to know check-in with clients – you can get the sales team to knock it off – it’s the 80/20)
    5. You have to be the type of company a closer wants to work at – culture
    6. If you are a closer you are the prize – not the other way around – this hurts manger and business owners feelings when this idea is shared 
  1. You can build a top performing sales team 

    1. This takes time
    2. Look for people who will implement /
    3. Ask about failures in your interview process and what the person thinks about when they need to stop
    4. What have they done to increase their skills on their own -
    5. Look for industry standards – keep track of numbers

You can buy a company to acquire a top-performing sales team 

If you are really struggling to find top salespeople you can buy a company with a team in place. In some instances, it is easier to acquire a full team along with the management. This action has to be done correctly or it can create problems in the company. 

    1. Acquisition costs may be less
    2. They already know that they are doing
    3. When you get the management and team you may be able to bypass growing pains
    4. Instant momentum when done right (dumpster fire when done wrong)

How to foster the sales team to win more 

At the end of the day you can get your company to grow more. Its under proper management a sales team can grow consistently. 

  1.  Get training schedule up and running
  2. Bottom level people will complain
  3. Allow for an opt out for closing rate
  4. Don’t make everyone do push ups

How to hire salespeople

  • Define what you want (closer or someone to groom)
  • You have to get good at the interview
  • Order of operation – good salesperson first then people who are new – when possible
  • Some people suck at the interview, some people don’t
  • Closers come with opportunities and problems
  • Opportunities – deals get closed
  • Opportunities – The office may not like closers
  • Push back on the salesperson and ask for examples – scenarios and then give them “I wanna think about it”
  • Know they top salespeople have three traits (good looking, social awkward and funny)

Some people you have to see do some of the work – they don’t interview well. Sometimes you have to look for a diamond in the rough

How to keep salespeople

  • Pay them for their work
  • If you like them closing deals bonus them out (step up basis) give them a reason to stay
  • Give them the resources they need
  • Congratulate them when they do well,
  • Give them a reason to talk trash -
  • Have a good culture – this matters

You can find the closers as well as the diamond in the roughs, you just have to be willing to look and do the work. 

HTSS179 - The sales training HACK you must learn and develop - Scott Sylvan Bell

HTSS179 - The sales training HACK you must learn and develop - Scott Sylvan Bell

December 5, 2021

The Sales Hack formula for coaching and training 

There are hacks to sell more goods and better coaching. What you need to know this is hard work. Being in sales is not supposed to be easy. H.A.C.K. is an acronym for you to work from.  Most salespeople say they "want it" until they have to put in the hard work. 

The failure rate in sales and closing deals 

Most salespeople and entrepreneurs don’t see the failure to success ratio (this is the number of times you fail vs the times you succeed). Most industries look at a 30% closing rate as good which means you fail 2x more than you succeed. You will have to take the hits to up that level. You need focus, skills, dedication, and a knowledge that failure isn't permanent unless you make it permanent. 

Bad experiences in sales and business 

As salespeople we have all been through bad experiences,  thank goodness you are looking to learn and improve. Correction in sales may lead to tough conversations. Sometimes you need to find a new coach because they cant help you. Salespeople may get their feelings hurt when they think coaching is what they want to hear and not what they need to hear. Sales coaching only works when you do. This explicitly means you must put in the work. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable, take the steps and implement. 

Testing your process in sales 

You can learn from the world of marketing,  test to see if something works and then reframe your position. You must get past the feeling of looking dumb, silly, or otherwise.  When you get coached you have to put in the actions. If you have had coaches you may have been corrected over time and been OK with it. You must have a good belief between coaching and success  

The HACK formula for sales success 

If you need a framework for sales success here is the acronym you can use:

  • Help ask for it – At the end of the day it helps when you want the help

    • Salespeople who have no skin in the game don’t really end up doing anything with the training or coaching
    • You have to be all in with the ask and be humbled
    • You can ask someone at work, a manager or even hire someone
    • Tough conversations are part of the ritual – sometimes you want to hear something and your are shown another way.
  • Action
    • This should be self-evident, not all salespeople think about this
    • You will have to step out of your comfort zone
    • It's going to be hard – you will have good times and bad times
  • Coaching
    • Coaching isn’t always easy for the salesperson or the coach.
    • You have to put in the effort and not just do the minimum
    • There is time involved – which means there is risk for you
    • A good coach is going to want for you to win and not just get paid
  • Kick butt
    1. The process is all about calibration
    2. There is a time where things may seem slow you also have to build up to momentum
    3. There will be a point where you get stuck again and need to get the coaching or training – will probably evolve over time  

How to pay for coaching and training in sales 

If you want to get to the next level in sales you have 2 options. You can learn on your own and this process takes longer and can be costly. You can hire someone to show you what you need to know. Here are the ways you can get coaching:

  • Save for it and pay for it 
  • Ask someone to help you out 
  • Trade and or barter for sales training 
  • See if you can get someone to underwrite you and or pay for it 

MIH - Make it happen 

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