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Scott Sylvan Bell Bio

January 25, 2020

Scott Sylvan Bell lives in Sacramento California most of the year and the other part he spends on Oahu Hawai'i. 

The sales career for Scott started in 2002 when he took a position doing financial sales. As the 10th worst salesperson on the planet at the time he struggled with closing deals. In 2003 he took a position doing in home sales selling HVAC systems. Since 2010 Scott has been training and working with salespeople full time. 

You can find over 2,400 sales training videos on his YouTube channel Scottbellconsultant  

You can find the body language videos from his YouTube channel Scott Sylvan Bell 

You can find Scott's Twitter account here @Scottsbell

The Aloha Shirt Brand you see Scott wear in all of his videos is Reyn Spooner 



Scott Sylvan Bell - Host of the How To Sell Show

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