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HTSS196 - How structured sales processes help you consistently close deals - Scott Sylvan Bell

December 24, 2021

Why a structured sales processes help you close deal

Flying by the seat of your pants nets nothing except frustration. Your clients know what you are doing, they feel it.  Your buyer deserves your best effort. If you really want long-term success in sales you need a system. Consistency in sales only happens what you have a solid game plan. 

The power of structured sales processes 

Masterful presentations demand attention, you get out what you put in. You may hate the structure, it really gives you freedom. There is a common pattern where newer salespeople push against the process because they think it’s the process not closing the deal – in all realities the sales presentation isn’t that good or prepped.

Secrets of sales success 

Top salespeople use a consistent process that they built or had someone build for them. You may hear the phrase “It's not a sales call it’s a performance”. If you need a generic formula to a sales presentation here it is:

  1. Mind Prep – get in the game
  2. Intro – there is all sorts of work in here, positioning, priming, frame control
  3. Rapport – masterful stories are used here
  4. Agenda – Control, assertion, and future pacing – If we can't get to a budget there is no reason to be here
  5. Discovery – Pain, problem, pleasure / budget / commitment – 1 of these 3 is missing and the sale doesn’t happen -
  6. Presentation – Refer back to the discovery
  7. Objections – this really happens through the whole call – buyers feel the hammer coming
  8. Closing – Asking for the sale

How to build a powerful sales presentation 

You will want to figure out your game plan. You may need to ask yourself some tough questions about what you are doing: 

  • What format are you using?
  • What questions are you asking?
  • How consistent is your process?

You will want to map out what your sales process is and then find a way to stick to it, with everyone. If you do need to make changes make them when you are on top and make them slowly. Why people panic in sales:

  • They feel like the constraints are holding them back
  • They fly by the seat of their pants to speed up the sales process
  • They are not making the money
  • The quit just before they get good

What you can do

  • Find a solid presentation for your industry
  • Practice it a bunch of times – practice with purpose
  • Get used to saying things over and over again
  • Be willing to get used to a boring conversation that you make interesting

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