HTSS08 How to influence people and sell more through anchoring - Tom Vizzini & Scott Sylvan Bell

November 2, 2016

Tom Vizzini and Kim McFarland have been implementing,testing and teaching anchoring for the last 20 years. This underground skill is something not taught by many trainers because they do not know about the action. You can use anchoring in any application in life and in any situation.

Anchoring is a natural skill where emotions are tied to things. Phobias are a good example of an anchor. When you poses the ability to anchor people your ability to influence not only multiplies it gets easier.

Top moments from this episode include:

3:31 The is a problem you face as a salesperson with logical selling and how it works against you in the sales process and leads to objections.

5:43 The basics skill set you need to make a sale and how an anchor can make it easier for you to close the sale almost every single time.

7:02 Why you must have the skill of anchoring to really be considered a master or an expert in sales and why old school sales hurts the sales process gets salespeople in trouble.

12:26 You can use this one skill to be a better professional salesperson and the simple reason why sales managers don’t want to pay top dollar to get results.

16:11 Who the real prize in business is and the enlightened path for you to get there along with the tools you can use.

18:30 How technology of anchoring has evolved over time and why this impacts your ability to sell because of simplicity

21:02 The one thing you must never do to a client or it will haunt you for long period of your sales process.

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